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To announce their second child Stevie and Rick wanted a baby naming ceremony like their first one with all the guests to be included in the ceremony. ‘ It takes a village to raise a child,’ African saying. The guests were the village. The ceremony was to be held at the Sir Joseph Banks Park in the rotunda at Botany.

The ceremony began with the ritual of the candles. The baby candle, with a photo of Tahlia on it was lit to begin the ceremony. The grandparents especially were welcomed as important mentors in the life of the child, as well as Tahlia,s sister, cousins and other relatives. Stevie, the mother did a reading called ‘Angel’s and the grandfather also did a reading to say how proud he felt. The origin of Tahlia’s name was explained as well as connections to other family members.

In the actual Naming part of the ceremony, the guardians were asked if they were happy to accept the responsibility of guardianship. To acknowledge their commitment a special candle for each guardian was lit from the baby’s candle and I passed this candle to each guardian as they pronounced ‘I do’. The parents, grandparents and guardians all held hands and repeated after me a short blessing and ’We all agree to name you’ Tahlia……..’

Then the rose petal ritual. Roses are a symbol of love and the petals represent a baby version. All the guests came forward and took a few petals from a basket, kissed them and made a silent wish for the well being of Tahlia and placed the petals into a bowl of water. Water is a symbol for life. To conclude the ceremony certificates were signed and presented to the parents and guardians of Tahlia.

"I wanted to thank you so much for your beautiful ceremony, it really made our day."

There are many variations on the Baby Naming Ceremony, all rituals can be added to, changed according to the venue or wishes of the parents. Certificates are always personalized to requirements as well as candles, colours and music.


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Creating the Ceremony
I will help you to define and build a clear picture of the type of ceremony you want and what is important to you. I will explain the legal requirements and we will begin to create the framework.

I will facilitate you with the readings, rituals, vows etc. that make up your ceremony. We will create a meaningful and unique ceremony.

I will create a draft of your ceremony to be revised together until it is perfect for the rehersal. On the day I will be there to support you and create the best possible experience for you and your guests.