Adam & PamLighthouse, Watson's Bay

For their ceremony these two women wanted to publically announce to the world, their love and desire to be together forever. They wanted an endorsed celebrant to make their commitment more official.

The Lighthouse at Watsons Bay with the Sydney Harbour Headlands in the background was a dramatic location, perfect to spread their public vows far and wide across the ocean and beyond.

The ceremony commenced with all attention focused on the two women holding hands as they listened about the importance of love in the world and how to acknowledge, preserve and applaud it. Anne’s sister performed a reading from The Prophet Kalil Gibran that brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Anne and Beth were asked ‘Do you take this woman’ and they recited their uniquely significant vows to each other. The guests took part in the ‘warming of the rings’ where the rings were enclosed in a muslin bag and passed amongst the guests, each making a silent wish for the happiness of the couple.

The rings returned to the couple and exchanged with love declarations. The committed couple and witnesses signed a special commitment certificate to mark the occasion and the ceremony concluded with a champagne toast to the happy couple.

“Thank you so much Joan for your gentle and intimate approach to our ceremony. We feel very fortunate to have found such a warm and sincere person to be our celebrant. Thank for all your help with making it a memorable day.”



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Loving ceremonies vision is to create deep, meaningful commitments between people. To help them produce ceremonies - not from templates, but by defining, expressing and sharing their love with those who mean the most to them.

I help to define what their love means to them and how to represent it, and then facilitate how they build that meaning by delivering inspiration and ideas that help to shape how they express their commitment. I help them to share and communicate that meaningful commitment as the most memorable experience for them and their guests.