Curzon Hall, Marsfield

Firoozeh and Benjamin had already booked the date and the dramatic location of Curzon Hall at Marsfield, before they came to see me. Firoozeh is Iranian and she had many customs and traditions she wanted to include in the wedding ceremony. After I showed the couple
a page explaining what the legalities were in the ceremony, we began planning what she imagined.

There will be food and objects laid out as in a banquet before the ceremony. These would be spread out in front of a mirror and the couple, eg fresh flowers in abundance to express the hope that beauty will adorn the couple’s life together.

The ceremony would begin with the harp, singing in joy.

Her two nieces as flower girls would lead the procession throwing out petals, followed by a relative offering rose water to everyone to perfume and purify the air. Her nephew would be ring bearer proudly displaying the rings on a pillow. This was to be the Bridal Procession as the Bride appears, escorted by her father down the aisle. He then joins her hand to Benjamin’s.

Firoozeh and Benjamin light the candles together as they are about to begin their new life. Sitting together, they face themselves in the mirror, the mirror of fate. This is lit by two candelabras, representing them. Candlesticks also represent purity and love.

We decided that I would formally ask the two sets of parents to publically give their blessing. They would answer ‘We do’.

During the ceremony, the two mothers to demonstrate their blessings as they rub two large loaves of sugar together, the iced sugar as sweetness. This falls on a lace canopy held by the bridesmaids over the couple.

There will be a reading of a poem by the Bridesmaid, first in Farsie and then in English Firoozeh and Benjamin compose their own vows and these are repeated after the celebrant and we agree that a rehearsal would be absolutely mandatory.

After the exchange of rings, the bride and groom are offered honey. The bride will slightly dip her pinkie in the honey and offer it to the groom. He follows similarly and with the offering of the honey to each other, they start their new life with sweetness.

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I will help you to create a ceremony that is not just a template, but a personal experience that is special and therefore memorable.

Creating the Ceremony
I will help you to define and build a clear picture of the type of ceremony you want and what is important to you. I will explain the legal requirements and we will begin to create the framework.

I will facilitate you with the readings, rituals, vows etc. that make up your ceremony. We will create a meaningful and unique ceremony.

I will create a draft of your ceremony to be revised together until it is perfect for the rehersal. On the day I will be there to support you and create the best possible experience for you and your guests.