Adam & PamGunners Barraks, Mosman

Byron & Rachelle

They wanted a traditional and grand show of their love with all of their friends and family present to share the moment. They felt it was important to reflect Rachelle’s father’s army background at a historic building.

The lawn outside the Gunner’s Barrack at Mosman was the ideal setting with an expansive view of the Harbour. Rachelle spent a lot of time meticulously planning the day to perfection. As guests arrived they each received a beautiful Order of Service from an usher. A string trio announced the bridal procession with a flower girl scattering petals and a ring bearer who gave a little bow as he passed the rings to the best man. Rachelle’s father, dressed in his army attire passed her into Byron’s safekeeping with a ceremonious (and firm) handshake.

The ceremony was opened by introducing the bridal party and groomsmen were and the overseas guests were welcomed by name. Meaningful readings by special loved ones reflected how Rachelle and Byron saw the promise of a life long relationship. Personal vows were recited and as the tradition goes – Byron lifted the veil and kissed his new bride.

The string trio played again as the couple signed their documents, whilst the little helpers gave out bubbles to shower the newly weds as they recessed down the isle.


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