Adam & PamMcKell Park, Vauclause

Adam & Pam

An artistic couple that had a clear vision in mind – a fun, relaxed and vibrant experience for their guests. They also wanted to significantly include their family and the bridal party in the ceremony.

With both families from the UK, a stunning Sydney location was a must. McKell Park at Vaucluse was the perfect venue for Sydney Harbour views and luscious gardens. The rehearsal a week before, enabled Pam to time her entrance to the music and feel more comfortable about the ceremony. She had decorated the venue with coloured posies, hanging from the trees. The ceremony began. The bridal party was introduced and overseas guests were welcomed by name and congratulated for their bravery in facing the dangers of snakes and shark bites, this relaxed the guests.

Pam and Adam composed their own unique vows, reflecting their personal style. Both sets of parents were asked to give their blessing to the union and acknowledge that Pam & Adam fulfilled their dreams for their son/daughter. Before the rings were exchanged the ‘warming of the rings’ was performed. The rings were placed into a muslin bag and passed amongst the bridal party, parents and family each holding the rings and giving silent wishes and blessings for the couple. After the rings were exchanged, gentle music played while Pam and Adam signed the marriage documents and they were pronounced man and wife.

“We were thrilled to have chosen you as our celebrant Joan, the ceremony was so relaxed and personal, everyone commented on how warm and friendly you were. We did appreciate having a rehearsal a few days before so the Groomsmen could work the music on your PA system and the little flower girl had an idea of what was expected. It made us all more relaxed. Thanks so much.” - Pam & Adam


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Loving ceremonies vision is to create deep, meaningful commitments between people. To help them produce ceremonies - not from templates, but by defining, expressing and sharing their love with those who mean the most to them.

I help to define what their love means to them and how to represent it, and then facilitate how they build that meaning by delivering inspiration and ideas that help to shape how they express their commitment. I help them to share and communicate that meaningful commitment as the most memorable experience for them and their guests.